Why is paypal?

Things we need to take care of, Paypal seems to be dead. :( They have frozen our account and refused to explain what the issue is or even respond to our, so we have a massive chunk of cash stuck in that account. We are still working to try and get them to respond, but it is not looking good. We have talked with a good number of other site owners as of late, and they have told us that this has been happening more and more lately where the AUP department has just completely stopped responding to many of them. Not sure why maybe they are just overloaded. Even if we do get the account back, we are not sure we want to do business with a company that would do this without any warning or willingness even to tell you why what happens if they do that again? Luckily we did not have all of the money earmarked for this site in that account like some other site owners did as many of them that had that happen it killed their site, and they still don't know why. It is a significant amount that they are holding hostage and we are not sure at this point if this kind of "hostage taking" practice is something we want to be willing to risk going forward but we will just have to see how it turns out but at this point, it's unlikely we are thinking.

What is XPalembang?

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